Ryan Kim

About Me

Hi! I am a student Software Developer currently attending the University of Waterloo for a Bachelor of Computer Science.

My legal name is Man-Jun but my friends call me Ryan. Some people who read my name for the first time simply refer to me as "Man". Although my interests are broad, I love creating new things, whether it be designing and developing a new product at work, or hacking together some neat projects at Hackathons. Outside of software development, my hobbies include snowboarding, rafting, taking photos, and playing with new technology.


- Software Engineering Intern

Jan 2019 - Apr 2019 (Expected)

- Winter 2019 intern


- Software Engineering Intern

Sep 2018 - Dec 2018 (Expected)

- Currently working on Scala backend in the Technical Content team

Bloomberg LP

- Software Engineering Intern

Jan 2018 - Apr 2018

- Worked on the Bloomberg Development Environment (BDE) libraries, a collection of fundamental C++ libraries used throughout Bloomberg

- Created a custom encoder for Google Protocol Buffers binary format on top of existing Bloomberg infrastructure, allowing external clients to communicate with Bloomberg services using a common open source framework for serializing structured data

- Built an XML schema converter to convert Bloomberg's proprietary XML schemas into schemas for open source data serialization frameworks

- Identified and resolved performance bottlenecks in high traffic, performance critical code


- Software Development Intern

Sep 2016 - Dec 2016

- Developed support for a new audio codec on the Genesys Voice Platform, the company's core telecommunications product

- Designed and launched an internal tool to aggregate C++ code coverage analysis results from distributed machines

- Introduced several Continuous Integration pipelines on Jenkins, streamlining development for recently pushed builds

- Improved developer efficiency by automating test status reporting for unit test builds. Results were used daily by all members of the team

University of Waterloo

- Teaching Assistant

Jan 2017 - Dec 2017

- Selected as a Teaching Assistant for "Linear Algebra for Engineering" and "Calculus 1 for Honors Mathematics" based on exceptional academic performance

- Corrected over 200 weekly assignments for 2nd year Engineering and Math students


Web app for writing and sharing LaTeX notes made for EngHack 2016

Rhythm Tetris

Tetris with pieces that drop to the sound of claps in real-time

Auto Mouse

Mouse macro recorder with GUI and save/load functionality

Neat Beats

Script for organizing large collections of music

Pixel Ruler

Virtual Ruler for measuring relative distances between points on a screen

Dont Snooze

Alarm Clock made for Terrible Hacks Hackathon 2016

Flash Game

A flash game I made when I was 13. This was one of my first programming projects. Adobe Flash Player is required to play

School Projects

Some projects I have done in school include a clone of the massively popular online game Hearthstone, a sudoku verifier, a tetris-piece backtracking algorithm, and many other smaller assignments.

Other Projects

Some other non-programming related projects I have worked on include building computers, flashing custom phone firmware, and creating photo collections.

More on Github


I am fortunate to be in my degree of choice because I enjoy my Computer Science courses as well as my math courses. I am currently a Teaching Assistant in the Faculty of Mathematics. I plan on pursuing minors in Combinatorics & Optimization and Statistics in the future.


I started programming when I was 13 with Adobe's ActionScript 3. Since then, I have worked with many other languages like Python, C, C++, Java, Scala, etc. I have also learned various algorithms and greatly improved my problem solving ability through self-study, in-class material, and co-op.


In my free time, I am usually working on my projects or going through coding problems on sites like Leetcode. Some other things you'll find me doing are snowboarding, reading about new technology, hanging out with friends, or taking photos.


Some things I would like to do include skydiving, flying on a drone, solo backpacking through Europe, and going on a vacation to Seychelles.

Contact Me

Waterloo, Ontario